GYFDGA (Corrugated Aluminum Tape Armoured, Slotted Core Ribbon Cable)



GYFDGA (Corrugated Aluminum Tape Armored, Slotted Core Ribbon Cable)

Direct-buried Optical Fiber Cable


The fiber ribbon is placed in a slotted core made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and the center of the slotted core is FRP. A layer of water blocking tape is wrapped around the slotted core. A corrugated aluminum tape is longitudinally applied over the slotted core, and extruded with a durable polyethylene (PE) sheath.





  • Central strength member: metal materials available
  • Water blocking materials for cable core: cable filling compound available
  • Outer sheath: Aluminium tape armor, steel tape armor, anti-termite or flame retardant materials available





  • High fiber density
  • Small volume, light weight, high fiber density
  • All section water blocking
  • Superior crush resistant
  • Effective mid-span access
  • Excellent transmission, mechanical and environmental performance
  • Easy installation, easy maintenance
  • Lifespan over 30 years



  • Direct-buried installation
  • Duct installation
  • Aerial installation
  • Backbone network and metro network
  • Access network


Installation performance


  • Min. bend radius: installation 25D, operation 12.5D
  • Temperature range: storage -40~+70℃, installation -30~+70℃, operation -40~+70℃