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iZone Telecom was formed in 2003 to answer the need for internet Acceleration, Data optimization & secured Network services. iZone Telecom became a  provider with unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology and award winning industry-leading customer service.


From our operated DataCenter facilities in London, UK we are able to provide services ranging from  consumer to  Corporate, Telco Operators and ISP's


With over 20 years of  experience between our management we are in a unique position to stand out from the crowd. Our company is driven by our passion and dedication to our customers needs.


By offering the most comprehensive Mobile Communications , Fiber-Optical Communications, Data Communications, ICT Services

& Bandwidth Management solutions in the market place we are able to offer you a solution that is individually tailored to your companies needs now and in the future.


iZone Telecom headquarters is based in Dubai- UAE.


D-U-N-S  No. 85-121-8122


iZone Telecom Inc. is incorporated in Canada as a research and development center.


D-U-N-S  No. 20-302-0276

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Web Application Firewall


Powercache provides Web Application Firewall (WAF), anti-hacking filters and SSL protection. Thanks to its IP-Transparent insertion mode, Powercahce is non-detectable and therefore cannot be circumvented by cyber-criminals. Application infrastructures are 100% secured.

Web & Content Filtering


The smart filtering mechanism enables the powercache to block any unwanted contents in many ways. The host name can be compared using a simple pattern. A "*" (a star character) stands for any number of any character.


Web Application Acceleration


Powercache is installed next to your Web servers in your data center. It works seamlessly with any user terminals and access networks – no client software or hardware modifications are required. Traffic is immediately reduced by up to 75% .




Using iZone App is the best way to protect your privacy and remain secured on any Network!

iZone Protect App 

Microsoft Windows based app to protect your privacy and keep your Desktop system secured

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