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POWERCACHE- Web & Content filtering


Powercache can filter every http connection by using a header parameters.


The smart filtering mechanism enables the operator to block or replace or even redirect the requested URL in many different ways based on:


  • - Requested uri
  • - user-agent
  • - Regular expression
  • - referer url
  • - methode
  • - agent-ip, method, etc…

Filtering mechanism


The smart filtering mechanism enables the powercache to block any unwanted contents in many ways.

Simple pattern


The host name can be compared using a simple pattern. A "*" (a star character) stands for any number of any character.

As an example:


"*.foobar.com" matches any sub domain of foobar.com, such as www.foobar.com or img.foobar.com


Regular expression


Ultimately you can use regular expressions (also known as regexp). While they can be quite complex, they provide a very powerful comparison method. Describing regexp can be easily found on the Internet.


Filtering examples