POWERCACHE- Web Application Acceleration

Accelerating and Protecting Web Applications

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POWERCACHE- Web Application Acceleration



Accelerating and Protecting Web Applications

Powercache is the Application Delivery Controller driving your application’s strategy towards success.

Powercache is installed next to your Web servers in your data center. It works seamlessly with any user terminals and access networks – no client software or hardware modifications are required. Traffic is immediately reduced by up to 75% even if it cannot be compressed. Latency effects are widely diminished. Response time are up to 10 times faster. Encrypted data travel as quickly as those that are not.  




Working in conjunction with the HTTP/S optimization engine, it protects Web applications as a layer-7 firewall. This is a very specific protection that scans the HTTP request for the malicious requests and neutralizes the threat by removing it or blocking it.


By default the Powercache’s WAF protects against attacks such as:


- Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

- SQL Injection

- Traversal Directory Attack

- Parser Evasion

- Brute Force

- Jumbo payload

- Buffer Overflow

- DoS


Anti-Hacking filters

Powercache delivers robust attack protection using highly sophisticated syntactic and semantic filters that let you detect, filter and block fake and non-http requests.



SSL Protection

Powercache allows you to enable “SSL” on a server or application without any modification to either. Powercache becomes the SSL termination point. Where required, URLs are converted and port numbers are translated automatically on the fly.