ULL Optical Fiber



ULL Optical Fiber



Another in FiberHome’s long line of innovative optical fiber products, FiberHome® ULL optical fiber has lower loss with maximum attenuation available to 0.17dB/km at 1550nm and it is an ITU-T G652.D compliant optical fiber.

Additionally, FiberHome® ULL optical fiber has the lowest PMD which featuring a ≤0.04 ps/√km PMDQ link design specification.

These features provide spare network margin that can be leveraged to extend network span lengths, amplift sites, upgrade to faster bit rates, add network components for improved flexibility, and lengthen the distance between regenerators.

As a result, long-haul and metropolitan network are scalable for the higher capacities required to meet the ever-increasing global demand for bandwidth.



Thanks to its broad usable optical spectrum and outstanding optical performance, FiberHome® ULL optical fiber is the optimum choice that supports various applications such as Ethernet, internet protocol (IP), asynchronous transmission, synchronous optical network (SONET) and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). FiberHome® ULL optical fiber provides wider bandwidth for backbone, metropolitan area and access networks. FiberHome® ULL optical fiber enables bandwidth demanding of multi-services like voice, digital and image transmission.

FiberHome® ULL optical fiber is applicable in all cable types including both outdoor cable and indoor cable, such as ribbon cable, loose tube stranded cable, slotted core cable, unitube cable and tight-buffer cable.