GYCFXY (Air-blown mini cable)



GYCFXY (Air-blown mini cable)

Air-blown Optical Fiber Cable


The loose tubes are made of high modulus plastics (PBT) and filled with a water resistant filling gel.The aramid yarns are applied over the cable core. Polyethylene (PE) is extruded as outer sheath.





  • Loose tube: PP or other materials available
  • Water blocking materials for loose tube: water blocking yarn available
  • Water blocking materials for cable core: water blocking tape available
  • Outer sheath: Nylon available






  • Small volume, light weight, high fiber density, save duct resources
  • Low friction, high air blowing efficiency
  • All dielectric, anti-lightning, anti-electromagnetic interference
  • Easy strip, easy installation, easy maintenance, easy upgrading
  • Excellent transmission, mechanical and environmental performance
  • Lifespan over 30 years





  • Air-blown installation
  • Access network



Installation performance



  • Min. bend radius: installation 30D, operation 15D
  • Temperature range: storage -20~+60℃, installation -5~+40℃, operation -20~+60℃